Flair: inspires, advises and gives a helping hand

Allow yourself to be you. A mentality that has made Flair an indispensable, inspiring friend for women, year after year. Flair is warm, accessible and sparkling. And always close, thanks to its strong cross-media presence.

Flair offers women a weekly moment of relaxation and inspiration. The magazine is full of articles about affordable fashion, easy beauty tips, simple recipes and interviews with both famous and everyday people in the Netherlands. But readers play an important part. Flair highlights their personal stories, gives readers a make-over, and allows them to talk about their bodies. They can also share their personal finance tips in the section “How does she do it?”. Flair is about everything that makes life more fun. Flair makes your feel good.

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Flair is honest, friendly, open and reliable. Everything you’d expect from a good friend. Our various channels—magazine, online and socials—ensure we’re always there for women in the Netherlands. And that means partners and advertisers have a constant player with a goodwill factor, right at the center of the target group.
Marije Veerman, editor in chief Flair