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de Volkskrant believes that good journalism enriches its readers’ lives. Enabling them to see more, understand issues better, build empathy, participate, and become inspired. de Volkskrant, for those looking to understand how the world works. To be informed; objectively and with authority. Allowing them to form opinions that matter. For a readership that likes to be kept up to date on interesting developments that add colour to their life.

Our broad portfolio allows readers to access de Volkskrant’s quality journalism - always and everywhere. Everything de Volkskrant has to offer is available through the website, 24/7 on the mobile app, or the interactive edition for tablet and digital paper on all platforms. And of course, the paper edition, with the daily, good-humoured V-section and an extra thick Saturday edition including our Volkskrant Magazine.

Volkskrant Magazine
Volkskrant Magazine offers in-depth interviews, personal stories and stunning photography, all wrapped-up in a uniquely designed format. Our pages on lifestyle, fashion, food, interior design and gadgets are always well appreciated by both male and female readers. Volkskrant Magazine, a beautiful way to start the weekend.