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It’s very clear why you should read De Morgen. De Morgen offers an enlightening view of the news, both at home and abroad, as well as open-minded reports about what is going on in society and in the world of politics, culture and media. The editorial team consists of top journalists who make a difference with reporting that goes deeper than normal, but which is also accessible and human. With its own news, investigative journalism, sharp opinions and high-profile interviews, the newspaper is more firmly grounded than ever.

De Morgen provides clarity, especially in these turbulent times. The newspaper looks beyond the issues of the day and dares to embrace alternative ideas. An approach that is greatly appreciated by a contemporary reading audience looking for reliable reporting, background, and insights about the news. De Morgen is therefore the youngest and most attractive quality newspaper in the country. It is also appreciated abroad as De Morgen’s design has won several international prizes.

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A progressive newspaper must provide interpretation, insight and depth, beyond just the everyday news.
Bart Eeckhout Editor-in-Chief De Morgen

The De Morgen app

The De Morgen app means that you always have the most recent documents and updates in your hands. It allows you to easily stay up to date with all the latest news, supplemented with stimulating opinions and reliable background pieces. Subscribers also have access to all articles, columns, background articles and opinion pieces.


De Digitale Editie (The Digital Edition)

De Morgen is much more than just a paper newspaper. De Digitale Editie (the Digital Edition) is designed especially for your tablet. Every morning you can swipe through the newspaper of the day and enjoy all the possibilities offered by the digital version: videos, photo series, podcasts ... But of course all the familiar sections and appendices of De Morgen are also included.

There is simply no excuse for not reading De Morgen online. After all, is everything a modern news site should be: sleek, well-organized, up-to-date and clear. Subscribers also have access to all (paying) plus articles, impressive stories, opinion pieces and reports.

Zeno and DM Magazine complete the weekend paper

Every weekend, De Morgen is stylishly flanked by Zeno and DM Magazine. The Zeno supplement is a small weekly with lots of variation between long and short stories, regular features and pointed columns. The beating heart of DM Magazine is formed by unique pieces about TV & culture, travel, tech & science, better living… Overall, a wide range of topics for an open-minded audience.