BN deStem

BN DeStem is rooted deep in West-Brabant and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. We know what matters here. Every day, BN DeStem covers the most relevant, human and razor-sharp stories. Our readers are committed to their community. And BN DeStem allows them to marvel and stay informed about their own area. And of course, we also offer (inter)national news and background stories. Including the latest on larger trends in society.

“BN DeStem is a household brand West-Brabant. Every day, we reach a large part of that community. With stories that inform and inspire. Covering regional news and national stories through a regional lens. Combined with background stories, analysis and entertainment. It’s incredible to work for a brand that every West-Brabander knows. With a strong position in the community.” Andre Trompers, editor-in-chief at BN DeStem.
Andre Trompers Head-in-chief BN deStem