ID is the crime station where true crime stories are unraveled. The channel shows where feelings of revenge, greed and jealousy can lead to and takes the viewer into the intriguing world of crime investigation. True murders, missing persons and 'crimes passionelles' are investigated to the bottom.

The viewer takes on the role of the perpetrator, the victim, a police detective or a forensic expert. Unravels motives, puts human knowledge to the test and is part of the compelling search for the truth. An exciting puzzle in which not a single piece of information goes unused.

Women 18 - 54
Women 18-54

From Monday to Sunday, theme evening at ID!

  • Monday: Core Crime / Magazine
  • Tuesday: Family Affairs
  • Wednesday: Detective Night
  • Thursday: Core Crime
  • Friday: DateNight
  • Saturday: Blue Light
  • Sunday: Documentaries
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Advertising on ID

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