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The children's brand VTM KIDS brings new and trusted programs on television and digital platforms every day. VTM KIDS mainly brings home-grown video content, well-known VTM programs for children and international success programs. VTM KIDS is more than ever the place where popular vloggers are at home.

Tina Put - Brand Manager VTM KIDS: “VTM KIDS brings the best children’s entertainment and surprises them with pure fun. Always funny, inspiring and safe. Moreover, on the site and in the app you will find the funniest videos, fantastic parties and cool competitions.

Photo from the homepage of VTM GO with VTM Kids
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VTM Kids is part of DPG Media's broad brand portfolio and focuses on a specific target group within our current channel range. It is the channel par excellence where young people between 7 and 14 years old can find their favorite videos.

Picture of a TV programme for children: Vloglab and can be seen on VTM Kids