Sector webinar "What's UP in tourism?"

8 December at 11amOnline

How do tour operators, travel agents and tourism services view the summer of 2023? Which is preferred: long-distance travelling or sustainable and local alternatives? And, how do brands respond to these evolutions? That’s what you’ll discover during our webinar "What's UP in tourism?" on 8 December at 11am. Expect concrete cases as well as tips and tricks to improve your communications in this particular sector.

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On the programme

  • Exploring human needs for tourism brands of the future by Claire Powell, Senior Culture & Trends Consultant

  • What does this mean for the media? By Dieter De Ridder, researcher at DPG Media

  • Theory in action: case presented by an advertiser

When & where?

This webinar will be organised on Thursday 8 December at 11am.

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