Flow: About small happinesses, different choices and a simpler life

Flow is a media brand that inspires people all over the world with life lessons on how to live life differently. Slower, simpler, and attentive to what really matters. Flow is about vulnerability, that everything is allowed to be. About small happinesses and connectedness. About slowing down and finding new paths. About the emergence of soft skills like empathy and creativity. Flow offers people inspiration and insights into a world that is constantly changing.  

This originally Dutch brand knows how to strike an international chord with stories that always fit with the spirit of the times. 

Flow is strong in print in no less than four languages (Dutch, French, German and English) and is sold in forty countries. Paper is used innovatively, making every issue feel like a gift and a surprise, every time. 

Flow is equally strong online. The brand has built up a global community, with both Dutch and English websites, Facebook pages and an Instagram presence. And there is also a popular newsletter in both languages. Women identify with Flow. For them, it’s more than a magazine. Flow is honest, down-to-earth, authentic, personal, practical and accessible. Never spiritual or woolly. Flow readers are interested in health, sport, courses and books, going out and visiting museums, creativity and interior design.   

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