JBC – Back 2 school with VTM KIDS

Basic info

Advertiser: JBC

Product/brand: Back 2 School Collection & Letter Sweater

Title/platform: VTM KIDS, Nickelodeon, Goed Gevoel KIDS & Nina 1/9

Sector: Fashion

Period: Mid August - mid September

Campaign info

Campaign objective

JBC wants to inspire children and provide them with extra tools by, for instance, making the letter sweater (awareness & activation). This is based on the experiences of children and is focused on children.

Insights that contributed to the campaign roll-out

Going back to school is a stressful period for children (and parents), so it was decided to keep it fun/light-hearted. The letter sweater is an icebreaker on the playground to make it easier to make friends (conversation starter). VTM KIDS, the Rookies and JBC joined forces, and created a kick-ass 'Back 2 School’ campaign. They opted for a long-term cooperation, with co-creation.

Titles, brands and platforms

For television, the channels VTM KIDS and Nickelodeon (and VTM) were chosen. For printed matter, Goed Gevoel KIDS and Nina were chosen.


For the programme Vloglab an integration (production assistance) with the theme Back 2 School was chosen. This concerns 5 items and a sponsorship programme (billboards and trailer tags). The Vloglab people also wore JBC clothing and the letter sweater.

In addition, there was a jingle with a call to action for the letter sweater, on VTM KIDS, Nickelodeon and VTM.

On the VTM and Kids channels a call spot with the Rookies and a JBC tag of the letter sweater was shown. Furthermore, branded content with the Rookies was shown on VTM KIDS, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel (and VTM). Four reports were made about JBC, which were linked to the B2S context. The reports focused on stationary, socks, the letter sweater and the BESTies collection.

For VTM KIDS and VTM an after-jingle was provided with a link to the general Back 2 School collection.

As regards printed matter, a classic spread about the letter sweater was published in Goed Gevoel KIDS and Nina (1/9). In the Nina issues in September we also showed the Katia Retsin collection with her kids and classic integrations/pages.


JBC – Back 2 school with VTM KIDS